Islamwood Foundation Goals

1. To teach Qur'an and Sunnah in Arabic, English and Urdu.

2. To teach children Qur'an, Arabic and Islamic Studies from year 1 to A levels.

3. To teach adults tafseer and fiqh of Islam verbally in the form of weekly talks in English and Urdu.

4. To conduct Friday sermons,

5. To conduct seasonal talks like, Fiqh of Ramadhaan, Fiqh of Hajj, Fiqh of Zakat, etc.

6. Conducting Summer Courses for Children and Women. These courses will include Basic Teaching of Five Pillars of Islam and Six Pillars Eiman, Short Surahs of the Qur'an, Some stories of the Prophets, Some Portion of Prophet Muhammad's life, life of some sahabah, etc

7. Special classes and courses only for women , like Aqeedah, Ibadah, Family, etc

8. Collection of Zakat and Sadaqat from the rich and to give out to thise who are in need,etc.

9. Complete Service to Funeral and its rituals, etc.

10. Complete service to Marriage and Family Rituals, etc

11. Regular Shooraa meetings every fortnight, etc

12. First priority is for those who are members of ISLAMWOOD FOUNDATION,  in every aspect of support they need, because if the members are in peace then service the ummah will be carried out otherwise it will cause thw downfall of ISLAMWOOD FOUNDATION and its goals.

13. Education will be Academics and Certificates,  Degrees, etc will be issued to all kind services and activities. 

14. Contacts, Conferences,  Seminars and Get together within the members as well as People of different Faith and Groups will be conducted Quarterly,  four times in a year.

15. Quarterly Newsletter will be published in PDF format through emails, etc. It will include Fiqh, Tafseer, Arabic, current status of Muslim Ummah, medical advice, fitness, news etc.

16. £120 a year can be donated from sadaqah or charity to Islamwood Foundation.

17. If someone would like give to me and family anything this should be clearly specified and must not be mixed with donations given to Islamwood Foundation. Donations and contributions to Islamwood Foundation will solely be used for the services mentioned above

18. Educational input is expected from all the members of ISLAMWOOD FOUNDATION.  This will be added in the Newsletter in shaa Allah